Main Model

94 Flexor digitorum profundus

Proximal three quarters of medial and anterior surfaces of ulna and interosseous membrane
Medial part - Bases of distal phalanges of 4th and 5th digits
Lateral part - Bases of distal phalanges of 2nd and 3rd digits
Blood Supply:
Anterior interosseous artery, muscular branches of ulnar artery
Medial part - Ulnar nerve (C8, T1)
Lateral part - Anterior interosseous nerve, from median nerve (C8, T1)
Main Action:
Medial part - Flexes distal phalanges 4 and 5 at distal interphalangeal joints
Lateral part - Flexes distal phalanges 2 and 3 at distal interphalangeal joints