Application Process
1. Study this announcement carefully (please print/read and study information within by yourself for your own benefit).
2. Candidates may select more than one program stated in Section 1. If so, candidates should select their most desired program as number 1 (if they changed their minds, candidates may do so after the application process
is completed, which they must follow instruction on Section 6.2.8).
3. Candidates must register and save application information via online through the Internet at
on the specified date (please save application information by yourself and recheck the details for your own benefit).
4. Candidates must print out application form that they completed via online through the Internet and recheck the
details before making their payment at the bank. If later found errors in the form, candidates must correct
the information by themselves. The university will look at their online information as the main resource
(candidates must bring their application form as evidence on the interview date).
5. Candidates must bring their invoice and application form they received from online application on the Internet
to pay at the bank through Teller Payment of Siam Commercial Bank (Limited) at any branches nationally on the
specified date. Candidates must also pay the application fee and the bank fee of 15 baht. If candidates did not
complete their payment via Teller Payment of Siam Commercial Bank (Limited) at any braches on the specified date,
their online application will be voided.
6. The bank will return the application form as application evidence with the receipt after the payment. After the payment, the application process will be considered completed. The university will not consider refund of the application and application fee to candidates in any cases (please recheck that the payment evidence meet the requirement of the application form and keep as evidence. If later found an error, candidates must notify the bank immediately for their own benefit).
7. Candidate may check the name list of registrars and payment status three working days after payment (not including the date of payment, Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays) via online application system on the Internet at by selecting status check and enter password to gain access.
8. If candidates wish to cancel the applied program and apply for the new program, they may do so via online application system on the Internet only by following these processes:
        8.1 Cancel the already applied program.
        8.2 Apply a new program by following the new program application processes.
        8.3 Cancellation of the applied program or application of the new program must not exceed the last day
       of application.
9. In case that candidates already paid for the cancelled program, no effect will happen to that application because the application information for that program was cancelled and that application was already voided. Information from previous application will be used in the future. Therefore, candidates must re-check their application forms that all information are correct and the application was not cancelled before making the payment.
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